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Connoisseur’s menu

News date: 16-02-2015

Innovative dishes for true epicures

Connoisseur’s menu

Have you tried some really tasty dishes in your life? Do you feel like trying some more? Do you boast a reputation of a true epicure? Great! It so happens that Road American Restaurant’s chef is a genuine artist of cuisine – a man passionate about discovering new tastes. His imagination simmers with original ideas that he would like to share with you.

Just for you, we have added a new section to our menu – the Connoisseur’s Menu, which contains original recipes of our very own chef. Dishes that will, hopefully, broaden your culinary horizons and delight your senses. We do our best to make all the courses in Connoisseur’s Menu surprise you with their diversity and unique tastes. Try to keep up – the Menu changes every month!

Upon ordering the Connoisseur’s Menu you will be served 6 delicious courses, portioned just well enough to let you enjoy them all from the first to the last bite. Each course will slowly kindle your appetite. First comes the appetizer, then a soup, a burger, a fish course, a meat course and, finally, dessert. To drink, you will be served a glass of wine, water and a hot beverage.

Prepare for a new experience!