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News date: 07-09-2016


Cooked, grilled, roasted, or pickled – asparagus of all kinds win hearts of all gourmets. It is time for asparagus in our menu. You will find six exquisite asparagus dishes in it and believe us: it would be a sin not to try all of them!

Asparagus bouillon
Asparagus bouillon with beef sirloin and a note of ginger and chilli.

T-bone and asparagus
White and green asparagus with béarnaise sauce and a juicy T-bone steak.

Asparagus cream
Asparagus cream with delicate Parmesan mousse.

Asparagus with goat cheese
Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham with goat cheese, salad and rough ground pepper.

Salad: trout and asparagus
Salad made of pickled asparagus and a trout filet with cherry tomatoes sprinkled with rosemary.

Halibut and asparagus
Halibut filet and asparagus on potato purée, served with crispy slices of bacon.

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