MJM Group

MJM Group was established in 2011 by Małgorzata Mroczka – a passionate traveller and devoted hunter of culinary worlds. Małgorzata decided to create a number of new restaurant brands. Since its beginnings, MJM has been a family business, distinguished by its focus on people and their expectations.

We understand the importance of relations between people and the need to be open to cooperation. That is why our inspiration are the people – a fact clearly reflected in every restaurant we run.

Today, Broaster Chicken, Efez, Road, Choice i Yogo by Choice and Benvenuti in Italia comprise 25 restaurants located in shopping centres across Poland. The MJM’s menu, offering a range of tastes and cuisines from nearly all over the world, stands out for the top quality of dishes and the attention we pay to details. Most of all, though, MJM is all about the satisfaction of its customers.